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Everyday we engage with those around us on a surface level, never really connecting. It is commonplace to stand silently in a lift; to have earphones in and eyes to the pavement when walking; and to be glued to a phone whilst on the tube. But what would happen if we were to share the personal - and painful - parts of ourselves? Find out in these 5 inspiring videos on vulnerability, compassion, and storytelling.  

  • ‘The power of vulnerability’, by Brené Brown - one of COR’s favourites, Brené Brown, an academic and researcher into human connection, shares her insights into vulnerability, and explains how this can strengthen human relationships.

  • ‘Living beyond limits’, by Amy Purdy - In 2011, Amy Purdy made herself totally vulnerable in front of a TED audience by sharing her own highly emotive account of recovery from a life-changing accident.  Reflecting on her talk, in her own words, - “I'd delivered a speech made perfect by its imperfections.”

  • Vulnerability as a key to confidence. A story of resilience’, by Imad Elabdala.  Imad, a social entrepreneur and Syrian refugee, shares his own story from growing up in Syria, to his lived experience of conflict and fear, and of life as a refugee.  He exposes his own struggles with mental health, having suffered from anxiety attacks induced by post-traumatic stress disorder, and his journey towards finding strength and confidence in vulnerability. Imad’s experience led him to set up an organisation which combines storytelling with science and art to help refugee children cope with trauma and to find courage in vulnerability.

  • ‘Why aren’t we all good Samaritans?’, by Daniel Goleman.  Author and science journalist, and expert on Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman, explores why, as human beings, we sometimes shy away from compassion and empathy.

  • ‘Trust, morality - and oxytocin’, by Paul Zak - Neuroeconomist, Paul Zak, delves into the science behind human trust and morality, and why we behave the way we do in response to certain stimuli or situations.  He demonstrates the impact of compassionate storytelling on the human brain, through its connection to the hormone, oxytocin, which is linked to feelings of empathy and trust.