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How to Hack your Happy Hormones this Autumn

Hello lovely people,

September brings with it that back-to-school feeling, and is a good time to reconnect with our focus and motivation

If, like me, you struggle with the shorter days and cold weather, look no further, as we've got some tips to help boost your mood.

This summer, we ran a workshop at the Big Retreat in Wales on ‘Hacking the Hacking Hormones’. We thought we’d share our top tips from the session here, so that you can bounce into the autumn feeling focused and positive.

Click the link below to download a free PDF of our tips and suggestions for:

  • developing self-awareness;

  • finding purpose;

  • how to start each day;

  • as well as mood-boosting activities.

We hope you find it useful!

Thanks so much,

Helena on behalf of the COR Collective x