COR friend, YouTube and study guru @_rubygranger gives us a run down of her go-to YouTubers for inspiration:

  1. Katie Morton - Katie helps to spread awareness of mental health through her YouTube channel, giving her viewers an informed understanding of mental illnesses and personality disorders, as well as advice:

  2. Matt D’Avila - Known predominantly for his film Minimalism which aired on Netflix a few years ago, D’Avila continues to spread the world of minimalist living and well-being on his YouTube channel:

  3. John Fish - Speaking as a Harvard undergraduate, John Fish advises people on productive living and well-being:

  4. Perksoflaur - Laura is a sixteen year old student who has just finished her GCSEs, and who, alongside helping to spark motivation in other students, speaks out openly about mental health and her own experiences:

  5. The Bucket List Family - Until very recently, the Gee Family did not own a house, and instead, travelled from country to country, exploring the world. With three young children and just a few bags, Garret and Jessica show the lack of importance in stuff and the essentiality of family:

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Naomi Bacon